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CableJoG 256

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CableJoG 256CableJoG 256

CableJoG 256 provides a flexible testing system to suit individual customer requirements. The CableJoG 256 can test up to 256 individual connections of all manufacturers of connectors. This simple to use test instrument stores up to 12 separate cable configurations. Each cable that is tested is compared against the stored details to produce a pass, fail, open/short/crossed indication. Each test result can be transferred to a 'PC' or printer via a communication link to store, tabulate and print the information using the windows CableJoG Command Program (C.C.P.). Available only up to Windows XP.
Plug in your cable and learn the connections.The connections and default test settings are held in compare memory.
Plug in another cable and run a comparisonbetween it and the details held in compare memory. The test can be run once,looped till a fail, or continuously allowing several cables to be testedwithout further key strokes. Results can be viewed, printed out or saved andlater transferred to a 'PC'
Call up one of twelve previously stored cableconnection details.
Transfer details in compare memory to one oftwelve locations in the database memory.
Change or modify any of the cable details;Connector pin numbers and locations, serial numbering,date and time stamping,type of testing and cable connections.
Either ON-LINE for continuous result loggingand label printing, Or OFF-LINE for when the unit is not connected to aprinter.
Get cable details from the 'PC' which canhold an unlimited number.
Send a cables details to the 'PC', forarchiving or transferring to another unit. Send cable test results to the 'PC'for further analysis.
Configure the unit to work the way you want.
Use anominated pin as a 'probe', the display shows connections made.
256 test pins.
Connector pins 4 64 way via standard IDC header.
Keyboard 4 x 4 keyboard; 0 to 9, 4 cursor keys, clear &enter
Display 2 line 16 character alphanumeric LCD, backlit display
Processor Z80 CMOS
Memory 32KEPROM, 32K RAM 12 cable memory store
RS232 Printer/ PC link
Power External 'Plug Top' power supply (supplied).
L 180mm W 310mm D 60mm.

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