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Standard ribbon cable tester

RibbonJoG mkII

Ribbon Cable Tester with Memory


Standard 0.1" or 2.54mm x 2.54mm pitch headers

  •  64way
  • 60way
  • 50way
  • 40way
  • 34way
  • 26way
  • 20way
  • 16way
  • 14way
  • 10way

Test modes:

  • Memory OFF, just plug the cable in and press the test button. If the last connection found matches a standard connector pin count then the cable passes, otherwise the cable has failed with either a short or open circuit.
  • Memory ON, test the cable against a special cable held in memory. All 64 pins are checked.


  • Continuity (end to end) less than 4.7K ohms.
  • Short Circuits (end to end) and between connected pins, less than 4.7K ohms.
  • Open Circuits (end to end) and between connected pins, greater than 10K ohms.
  • Less than 1 second test time.
  • Minimum distance between connectors of the same size only 130mm.
  • Non-volatile memory feature.
  • L 290mm W 143mm D 35mm.
  • Uses 4 x AAA battery (not supplied).