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Audio Visual cable tester 19" rack mount

AVjog Rack

ALL new 19 inch 3U rack mount AV cable tester.


  •  A single box solution for testing AV cables.
  • Easy to use with only one button operation.
  • Detects Open, Short and Crossed circuits.
  • LCD display for test results.
  • All major AV connectors present, no need for extra adaptors.
  • 40+ preprogrammed cable types.


  • DVI
  • HDMI
  • RJ45
  • MINI DIN 4 Pole
  • USB A & B
  • 3 pole XLR Male & Female
  • RCA Phono RGB & RWY
  • BNC 50/75W / HD SDIRGB Horiz & Vert
  • F TYPE
  • COAX

Test Modes:

  • In normal operation connect both ends of the cable. Press the test button. The tester will identify the type of connection and if there are any open, shorts or crossed circuits.
  • Memory. If the connected cable could not be identified then the found connections will be display one by one. After which these details can be stored and used to test similar cables.


  • 2 x 16 character LCD display
  • Continuity and Short Circuits, less than 75K ohms
  • Open Circuits (end to end and between connected pins), greater than 75K ohms
  • Less than 1 second test time
  • Requires either, 9V dc power supply (supplied).
  • L 483mm H 132mm D 100mm 3U.