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Cable tester for audio cables 19" rack mount

AudioJoG Rack

19 inch 1U rack mount cable tester.


There are 2 rows of 6 LED's corresponding to each of the possible connector pins and one for the screen (or ground) connection. As each pin is activated, the LED's indicate all connections associated with that pin, so that short, open and crossed circuits can be easily found. The LED's also show the possibility of high resistance or leakage connections.


  • 3 Pole XLR Male and Female
  • 6.35mm Jack, stereo or mono
  • Single or Twin 4.4mm Bantam, stereo or mono
  • 3.5mm Jack, stereo or mono
  • 4 Pole Speakon (TM)
  • DIN 180o  3 & 5 Pole
  • RCA Phono
  • BNC


  • There are 3 LED's indicating the state of the MEMORY option.
  • If the MEMORY LED is on, then AudioJoG Rack automatically scans all the connections and compares against information held with just one press of the test button.
  • MEMORY works in both test modes.

Test modes:

  • DOUBLE ENDED - both ends of the cable under test are plugged into AudioJoG Rack 
  • SINGLE ENDED - one end of the cable under test is plugged into AudioJoG Rack the other into another AudioJoG Rack or the small hand held AudioJoG Pro ( NOT compatible with the current range of AudioJoGs).

Specification, Double {Single} ended:

  • Continuity and Short Circuits, less than 255K {75K} ohms
  • Open Circuits (end to end and between connected pins), greater than 255K {75K} ohms
  • Less than 2 {5} second test time
  • L 83mm W 483mm (19") D 45mm (1U)
  • Requires 9V dc power supply (supplied).