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About cable testing equipment

Cable Testing Equipment

Cable testing equipment, the simplest cable test equipment would consist of little else than a battery and a bulb or buzzer using the cable under test to complete the circuit. A lot of modern cable test equipment are not much better as these cable testers tend to consist of a battery, two rows of LED’s, a switch, and some connectors to mate with the cable under test. Again the cable under test completes the circuit, testing is accomplished by testing each of the circuits in turn and observing which LED’s come on. As the cable under test is used to link the LED’s this method does not identify shorts inside unused connector pins. Moving on to more intelligent cable testing equipment, as that supplied by CableJoG Limited, using a microprocessor to stimulate and monitor each test pin the cable under test is checked at both (or all) ends for any connections and any shorts between unused pins are also checked.

Cable testing equipment with memory is the most useful advance from the battery bulb type as now testing is carried out against details held in memory so the testing is automated and the operator doesn’t have to make decisions at each test step. Results can be indicated via simple traffic light LED’s Passed, Failed etc. through to multiline alphanumeric displays which can detail actual fault types and locations. Cable test equipment of this sort will improve quality and save time.