AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 Operations Manual

The AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 Cable Tester is a versatile unit that allows the user to either identify the
connections within a variety of Professional Audio, Lighting & digital Network cables, Or carry out
rapid comparison tests having stored known good cable details. Now with intermittent fault finding.

Cables fitted with any of the following connectors may be checked:

The AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 Cable Tester allows you to visually test for the following conditions:

The AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 Cable Tester has five modes of operation:

Please read the following instructions carefully before using the AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 Cable Tester.

The Cables to be tested must be fully disconnected from any other equipment or electrical source. Failure to do so could result in electrical shock and permanent damage to the AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 Cable Tester, for which the manufacturer and suppliers can accept no liability.

Getting started

The AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 Cable Tester will require fitting of a 9 volt battery ( not
supplied). Using a screwdriver to undo the screw holding the small panel on the right of the tester to gain access to the battery compartment. Fit the 9 volt PP3 battery observing correct polarity.

Batteries / Power Down:
Under normal use the batteries should give at least a years use. However, to
preserve battery life AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 has a Power Down feature. After 15 minutes of inactivity
AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8 will indicate that Power Down is about to occur by f lashing the
PASSED,FAILED & MEMORY LED's. Press the TEST button to continue, or switch OFF and then
ON again to reset AudioJoG(TM) Pro 8.

Test Procedure

There are 2 rows of 9 Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) corresponding to each of the 8 possible connector pins and one for the screen (or shield) connection. Checking the status of connections is made using the TEST button. Until you become familiar with the connectors pin wiring you may wish to refer to the handy LED/Connector Identification table on the back page.



METHOD 1 - Manual Double Ended

METHOD 2 - Automatic Double Ended

METHOD 3 - Automatic Double Ended Intermittent

METHOD 4 - Manual Single Ended

METHOD 5 - Automatic Single Ended

LED/Connector pin identification table

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