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Pro 8
Manufacturer: CableJoG
Price: £153
Contact: CableJoG 01925 764471

Working in the Audio Industry generally involves lots of troubleshooting, and any musician or sound engineer will soon learn through bitter experience that they shoud always check the connecting cables they’re relying on before every gig.
The usual method of cable checking is substitution, but what if the cable you’re substituting is faulty as well, or what if more than one cable in the signal path has failed? It’s easy to waste hours of precious sound-check or studio time finding out. You could use a multimeter, but it’s fiddly, especially when you have to hold both ends of the cable and the multimeter probes simultaneously. This is why the CableJoG Pro 8 could be the life-saver.
The Pro 8 has two halves labelled Local and Remote. Simply plug either end of the cable you’re
testing into the Pro 8, switch it on and the LED display will tell you if there is continuity between the various pins and terminals.
The cables you can test include 3-,4-,5- and 6-pin XLR, stereo and mono 1/4inch and minijack, bantam, 4- and 8-pole Speakon, BNC, Ethernet and USB.
Pressing the Test button repeatedly scrolls through the LED displ to test each connection
individually. Alternatively, you can store the cable configuration into the Pro 8’s memory to test similar cables automatically.

Review from June 2008 MusicTech published by Anthem Publishing Ltd

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