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AudioJoG Pro 8 - £152

The answer to all cable testing tasks? We think so.

It pays to check all leads regularly and a cable tester provides a speedy way to spot what’s gone wrong and where. CableJoG’s AudioJoG Pro 8 has to be one of the most fully featured examples available and this beauty can test virtually any cable you care to mention. A sturdy and quite sizeable metal box is adorned with every appropriate connector, includingvarious types of XLR, Speakon, phono, DIN, USB, BNC and different size jacks. Power is via a 9V battery and the AudioJoG Pro 8
checks for continuity, short or open circuitsand crossed wires, with rows of LED’s providing the necessary visual confirmation.
Manual and automatic operation modes are provided, the latter uses an onboard memory to compare cables against stored details.

In Use
It’s simply a case of plug in, switch on, press the test button and then interpret the information
displayed, which is clearly explained in the comprehensive user guide.

For anyone who gigs hard and needs to keep their gear up to scratch, the AudioJoG Pro 8 is a
must , confirming that all important connectors work and accurately pinpointing problems. It
isn’t cheap , but in terms of insurance and prevention being better than cure , the cost can be
recouped pretty quickly. [PD]

Review from August 2008 Guitarist published by Future Publishing Limited

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